Welcome to my brand new website. This has been a dream of mine and in the making since I left University in 1988! OK, we didn't have webpages back then, but my dream when I graduated from university, was to venture off, explore and create artwork inspired by my love of horses and to share my work with you. I am pleased to announce and officially welcome you to my online Art Gallery, where you can view and purchase my work. www.HorsesatLiberty.com


I have travelled in search of photographing horses in the American West, to Southern France and all the way to Iceland. My love of horses and exploring places and experiencing cultures has led to my newest body of gallery ready work "Camargue Collection". I have received numerous awards for my work and my work is seen by people all over the world through social media. My photographs grace the walls of many private collectors in the United States and Canada.


My first International Art exhibit piece, "Majestic Stallions", was part of the electronic display, at the Art Takes Miami Exhibit at SCOPE Art Miami, in Florida. This July, I was honoured to have the same piece, "Majestic Stallions" -- be included as part of the Fifth Annual Exposure Award, viewed by over five million photo enthusiasts from around the world. Photographers representing over 191 different countries displayed together at the most esteemed museum in the world-the Louvre Museum in Paris in July 2015 with Exposure


Six years ago I started a successful equine photography business that focuses on equine and human portraits. I've worked hard to develop a name for myself and I am well-respected and well-known in the horse community for my photographs that capture the special connection between horse and human. I love to create lasting memories that exceed the clients' expectations. For me, Portraits are about capturing beauty and the connection between people and horses. In the past most of my time and effort was on my clients and I honestly didn't have time to commit to my art until recently. I've decided to reduce work in some areas, (I now longer photograph local horse shows) this has allowed me to free up time to focus more on the things I love, my family and pursuing my art. It is all about seeking balance and having the time to do it all. I couldn't have done any of the without the support of my Family. My husband Paul and my son Brennan are huge in making this happen.


For the people that have been following me on my business page http://www.libertyshots.com. I will continue to pursue equine and human portraits and continue to capture the relationship between horse and riders, I will also continue to pursue commercial work. Now, I can offer my Fine Art photography on this platform--which has been put on the back burner for some time.


I am really excited to share my art work with you!