It's all about horses at POLO IN THE PARK OTTAWA!

These majestic creatures will be the stars of the day both on the field and off. Today's feature artist is Heather Swan, the owner of Liberty Shots, a professional photographer who specializes in fine art photos of horses at liberty, and equine and human portraits.

Heather's display will feature her Camargue collection: fine art prints of photographs of the Camargue horses of France, and the focus of her Horses at Liberty website. She has been working with art and photography since childhood. Initially, Heather worked with desktop publishing and graphic design, but photography had her heart. "I studied Fine Art at Dawson and Photography at Ottawa University, and combined the two to start an equine portrait business, Liberty Shots."

Her fine art prints are promoted through shows, on social media, and through her website. They are not carried in any stores or galleries yet. Heather chose equine photography because she saw the beauty and grace of the equine form, and the majestic strength and resilience of the wild horses.

"Horses are part of my life, every day, and although I also photograph people and scenes, they continue to be my first love. I am passionate about horses and photography. I take relaxed portraits that capture the connection between you and your horse—the relationship. I love to capture the freedom and spirit of horses at liberty. My mission is to create art and share it with people that like what I do. I create original fine art images inspired by my love of horses.!"

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